“Room on Fire” is when The Strokes went full-scale with the Illuminati symbolism. The album cover has many references to the sun, pyramids, and numerology.

Let’s start with the pyramids. On the right, there are two revolvers being pointed at each other to form a right triangle. However, the barrels of the guns are very strangely colored – red and yellow. That’s because they actually represent a pyramid. The sides are differently colored to give the illusion of a 3D pyramid (instead of a 2D triangle). The shape of the hands and the way the fingers touch are also pyramidal.

There is a dot above the guns that’s red, black, and white. This represents a sun. The Illuminati are sun worshippers and frequently use sun symbolism. (One example of their sun worship is in the widespread use of winged sun-disks, which you can read about here.)

The color scheme of that portion of the album cover refers to the Magnum Opus of alchemy. Alchemy is a type of philosophy that has been around for thousands of years and has deep ties to occultism. The colors black, white, yellow, and red are the 4 stages of alchemical transmutation. These stages lead to spiritual awakening, according to Alchemy. You start out with a black (ignorant) soul, progress through the white and yellow stages, and end up with a white (enlightened) soul. This process is analogous to the process of illumination found in Freemasonry.

The black-white-red sun could also be a reference to the Alchemical “black sun”, a symbol of the common people’s spiritual ignorance. But since it isn’t entirely black, I’m not going to say for sure whether it is or not. Read more about the black sun here.

Then there is the reference to the number 11, a very important number in numerology. Look at the top of the album cover. Count the number of small, colored blocks in the spiral. There are 101 blocks. In numerology, the number 0 refers to the spirit and eternity. So what we have is the number 11 (a deeply occult number that’s frequently used by the Illuminati) around the number 0 (the soul).

In numerology, the number 11 is a “master number”, which means it can’t be reduced to a single digit. It has many diverse meanings, which I will explain in a later post. The number 11 will come up again, in the album cover for “First Impressions of Earth” and Julian Casablancas’ first solo single.

The color scheme of the entire album cover refers to the sun. That’s why it’s bathed in reds, yellows, and oranges. Plus there’s the left, middle portion, which looks like a sun rise coming up over a dark earth.

Even the title itself, “Room on Fire”, could be a reference to Satanism (the fires of hell) or the sun (a fireball).

There is probably more that I missed, but suffice it to say that this is a symbolism-packed album cover.

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